Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Omaxe Committed to Partnering Government in Development of Smart Cities

The improvement in the quality of life of our cities is need of the hour. The Government’s emphasis on creation of 100 Smart Cities will go a long way in ensuring better facilities and amenities. The Government had allocated Rs 7,060 crores towards developing smart cities and it will generate huge scope for private sector participation along with avenues for job creation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s signing of an MoU with Japan to develop Varanasi by using the experience of Kyoto, is just the beginning of a dream of 100 smart cities looking more achievable. Countries like Singapore have expressed keenness in this grand plan.

A smart city is one that completely runs on technology—be it for electricity, water, sanitation and recycling, ensuring 24/7 water supply, traffic and transport systems that use data analytics to provide efficient solutions to ease commuting, automated building security and surveillance systems, requiring minimal human intervention, and Wi-Fi-powered open spaces and houses that ensure always-on, high-speed connectivity. The Government has just released a draft note on Smart Cities and laid out a broad vision on what it entails. And the concept looks promising.

With majority of India’s population under 35 years, the scope, viability and need is immense. The growing migration will also be curbed with the development of Smart Cities. Complimenting this with the government’s stress on Sanitation and cleanliness of our cities and villages is a good move to change the outlook of the country

All modern amenities, education and employment opportunities are the building blocks of a smart city. For established cities to change the existing scenario will require greater efforts whereas developing tier II and III cities which are already undergoing transformation will be easier. Therefore government should concentrate more on these cities. Omaxe has been one of the first players to invest in development of tier II and III cities and our presence in 30 cities, out of which we have offered possession in 23 such cities encompassing delivery of 58.3 million sq. ft. only reinforces our commitment and strength. 

- Mr Mohit Goel, CEO Omaxe

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